Peter Åkerström

As a troubadour, I play at weddings, parties, restaurants/pubs and events of all kind. Have a look  at my repertoire, watch and listen to the videos. If you like what you hear, please get in touch and I look forward to come and play.

Peter Åkerström

Peter Åkerström

These are some of the venues I regularly perform at.

Engelen                       Stockholm

Ardbeg Embassy         Stockholm

The international bar   Stockholm

Bankomat seaside       Stockholm

Rost                             Stockholm

Cranberry corner         Stockholm

Vallentuna Golfklubb   Vallentuna

Hamngatan 43            Halmstad

Svarta örnshuset        Halmstad

Harry´s                         Halmstad

Fox and ancor            Halmstad

Ölfiket                          Halmstad

Tylöhus                        Halmstad

First camp, tylösand   Halmstad

Tiraholms fisk             Tiraholm


If needed I can bring my own PA. The PA is a Bose L1 model II.

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