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The collection "Låt mig vandra" (Let Me Wander) is a selection of six works from the years 2001 to 2013. You can hear what influenced Peter Åkerström during the period he composed the pieces. Take for example the piece "Time to Let Go". There it is clearly heard that he was in a period with Travis picking and swingy country blues, inspired by fingerpicking maestro Chet Atkins. The "Autumn Waltz" is from a completely different time when Peter Åkerström concentrated more on the classical guitar.

Available as both scores and Tab here

Café minor


Fiddle/vocal - Werner Gladh

Fiddle/vocal - Juliana Erkkonen

Mandolin/guitar/vocal - Ola Persson

Guitar/vocal - Peter Åkerström

This album was released in 2007. It´s still available to download as a digital album.

If you prefer a hard copy, get in touch here