Peter Åkerström - Guitarist & singer-songwriter


Freelance musician, songwriter, producer and sound engineer from Halmstad, Sweden

I am a freelance musician, singer & songwriter, producer and sound engineer from the west coast of Sweden. After spending over a decade in Ireland I gathered my instruments and made my way back home to Halmstad (Sweden) again. After spending many years on the road and performing music on a constant basis, I decided it was time for a little break. I stopped gigging for a while and instead I spent the dark winter months in my childhood room recording and producing "Janne målares orkester" debut album. Listen here. At the same time I studied sound engineering and completed a diploma in "sound engineering & music production" from the school of Studio Recordia in Varberg. I then returned to the live performance scene, with particular focus on solo performance, but also in bands.

In Ireland I played in many different bands, and many different genres – everything from kletzmer, bluegrass, blues, funk, americana, jazz, a wee bit of Irish trad and Swedish folk songs.

I´ve performed in festivals around Europe, theatres, restaurants, pubs, radio, TV, streets and squares. I´ve been keeping busy playing music and estimate I´ve played at least 2000 gigs through the years.

I´ve also worked with arranging and producing music for Irish singer & songwriters, which lead to several recorded albums. To the present day, I have played on 12 full-length albums: 11 of which were with other bands and artists, and one completely solo.


 - solo and with other musicians

2014 - Sverige Kulturnatten (sologig)
2014 - Sverige Kulturnatten (janne målares orkester)
2014 - London O2
2012 Irland - Dublin Castle 
2012 Irland - Dumore east bluegrass festival
2012 Irland - The electric picnic
2011 Irland - Dunmore east bluegrass festival
2010 Irland - The electric picnic
2010 Skottland - The wickerman festival
2010 Wales - The north wales bluegrass festival 
2010 Irland - Galway arts festival
2010 Irland - Macnas Parade 
2009 Memphis, TN - Folk alliance
2009 Irland - The Volvo ocean race(galway)
2009 Irland - Galway arts festival
2008 Memphis, TN - Folk Alliance 
2008 Irland - Galway arts festival 
2007 Irland - The electric picnic 

Bands I have played in :

The Molly Hicks, Café Minor, Dog House, Ruth Dillon band, The Getaway Gondola, Juliana & Peter, Peadar King Band and John Conneely trio

Bands I play in now :

Janne målares orkester and Emmet Scanlan & what the good thought


1998-2001 Aesthetic program specialising in music, school of Sturegymnasiet

2004-2013 practical studies of music and life in general in Ireland

2014-2015  Sound engineering & music production, school of studio Recordia Varberg


  • 2016 - Peter Åkerström - Låt mig vandra 
  • 2014 - Janne målares orkester - en pusselbit som inte passar in 
  • 2014 - Ivor Ottley & Lena Ullman - Skating across the baltic
  • 2014 - Emmet Scanlan&What the good thought - From the inside out
  • 2013 - Peter Åkerström - The Autumn Waltz  
  • 2013 - The molly hicks - Not quite kentucky  
  • 2011 - Juliana&Peter - Munster Avenue 
  • 2011 - Peadar King -The shadowlands
  • 2009 - Molly Hicks
  • 2008 - Emmet Scanlan&What the good thought - Hands
  • 2007 - Café Minor - The northern lights 
  • 2007 - Sean Agus Nua - Eagshulacht
  • 2006 - Emmet Scanlan&What the good thought